Results First was started because we felt that there was a huge opportunity in the market to give clients a no risk opportunity to get top rankings in Google without risking a lot of money. Our team has worked with various Internet marketing companies over the years. Companies that specialize in PPC, Social Media, Web Design, Lead Generation and SEO. We have learned that a lot of business owners have been burned by these so called experts. This is why offering a pay for performance seo service is so important to the success and growth of our business.

All we ask is that you let us prove ourselves to you before you pay anything at all. We will never ask for any up front fees or retainers. Only once we get your keywords on page 1 of Google do you have to pay anything at all. Stop wasting money on services from other SEO companies with no guarantee. Most of the time they will never perform up to your expectations and you will be left with no real tangible results to show for it. Usually these SEO experts will tell you to be patient and keep waiting, but the reality is that you will not ever get the results.

CEO/SEO Consultant – Ryan Matthew

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Content Writer– Ammandine Ferdine


Link Builder-Emma Gonzales


SEO Manager-Karyn Merrlyn