How long does the process take? From the time we start working on your campaign it takes 30-120 to get results in Google. We will never stop working on your campaign as long as you are a client because things are always changing. If we were to get you ranked and then stopped working on your campaign then you would start to slip in your rankings. You might go from being at the top of page 1 then slip to page 2,3,4 or possibly worse.


How much does it cost? Our prices are actually really affordable when you consider that you are not paying anything up front at all. Most SEO companies will charge you a set up fee along with a monthly fee and it usually takes them 6-9 months to get you rankings. You save all that money up front and our prices are still similar or better than our competitors. For example we have a $100 per keyword phrase with a min of 5 keywords per campaign. So our minimum is $500 per month, but we have clients that pay an upwards of $5000 to $10,000 per month because they are getting such a great return on our services.


Do you perform blackhat SEO? We never perform any type of blackhat seo. Our goal is not only to get you great rankings, but to protect your website as much as possible from future Google algorithm updates.


What makes your company different then the thousands of competitors out there? We are very different from our competitors. We put our money where our mouth is by not charging you set up fees or monthly fees until we fulfill the goal of first page rankings. We prove to you that our service works before you have to pay us anything at all. There are very few companies in the world that can make a claim like this and stand behind their work 100%.


How do you get the rankings? We have a system for getting rankings for our clients that we have been using for about 4 years with a lot of success. Our white hat seo uses a combination of creating unique content and publishing it to powerful websites that have a high page rank and authority with Google. Our goal is to keep everything natural to maintain long term results.


How do I know what keywords to select? First, we use the Google keyword tool to help us find the keywords with the biggest traffic numbers. Then, we give that information to you and let you decide on which keywords are going to be best for your business. Finally, you know your business better then anyone else and we will never force you to select certain keywords, so ultimately it is your choice which keywords are used to rank your website.


Do you cheat the system? No, we do not cheat the system or use questionable tactics. We create unique content and publish that content to powerful websites. Google then finds and indexes that content and rewards your site with the rankings it deserves.


Why should I hire your company? You should hire Results First because we are one of the few companies that is truly performance based. We are paid on performance so the better we perform the more profit we can make as a company. So we are super motivated to get you the best results possible because it also affects our income at the same time.


Do you have any references you can send me? Yes, we can send you references to call. We are an open book with all our clients and most of our clients are more than willing to speak with our potential prospects if they want an honest 3rd party opinion.


Can you show me existing client examples? Yes, we can show you ranking reports for clients that we are currently working with that are dominating Google for their keywords.


Do the results last indefinitely? No, the results do not last forever. If you stop working with us or stop paying us then eventually the rankings will start to slip. This is very common as SEO is an ongoing process that needs to maintained.


Why do I need SEO? Most local businesses really need SEO as it can provide a steady stream of new business for their company. It can be very expensive to use pay per click is some local markets and that’s why it makes a lot more sense to use a qualified seo company instead.


Will I get more clients from SEO? Yes, our goal for performing SEO services on your website is to get you more leads and clients for your company. Although we can’t guarantee how many new clients or leads you will get, it is something that we focus on achieving with each campaign.