Our process is very simple and it is a 5 step process.

1. First we examine your website and make sure that your site has not been penalized by Google because of work that previous SEO companies have performed. We like to work with sites that have never been messed with and that have age. If your site has been penalized by Google because of the work that a previous company has performed then we still have several options to fix this issue, but we will need to consult with you and find the best solution for your company.

2. Second once we are sure that your website qualifies for our service we help you select the very best keywords for your business. We will want to use traffic tools to find the top searched keywords that are going to give your company the highest return on your investment. This is super important because selecting the correct keywords can make or break a campaign. Selecting keywords without any search volume will not improve your lead generation.

3. Third once the keywords are selected, our team of SEO professionals will optimize your website. We are going to take an organic approach to optimizing your website for the keywords which you have selected. We can either do this for you or if you feel more comfortable we can send the changes to your web designer and they can perform these modifications.

4. Fourth our team of US writers will create engaging content to publish on our private high pr sites. This content will be specific for your industry and we will be publishing this content on sites that have high page rank which is by far the most important aspect of ranking a website in Google. We make sure that we only post the bare minimum amount of links so that we do not trip any potential filters. By creating a low volume of links on various different web platforms we are able to get consistent top rankings without any fear of losing a site.

5. Fifth step is to sit back and watch your rankings shoot to the top of the search engines. The entire process takes anywhere from 30-120 days depending on the competitiveness of the keywords and how established your website is when we start the work. Once we achieve first page rankings in Google and other search engines our work doesn’t stop there. It is a constant battle to keep your website ranking well. Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm and changing the way they grade and rank websites. This is why it is so important for our team to stay on top of these changes so our clients maintain their rankings.